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MHAA Privacy Policy

In regard to the collection of personal information by the Miniature Horse Association of Australia Inc. the MHAA will:

  • not collect such information unless it is necessary for its functions or activities;
  • collect such information in comprehension and obedience with Australian Privacy Law.
  • take reasonable actions to ensure the person is aware:
    - of the identity of the Association collecting the information (MHAA);
    - the MHAA contact details;
    - the purpose for which the information is collected (this is contained within MHAA Constitution;
    - that the association reserves the right to re-distribute all or part of the information to any other entity  or person(s) in order to achieve its objectives as defined in the MHAA constitution and;
    - any consequences (if any) resulting from the failure to provide any requested information
In regards to the use and disclosure of personal information the Association will:
  • not use or disclose such information about an individual for a purpose other than the stated primary purpose listed in the MHAA constitution unless:
    - A secondary purpose is related to the primary purpose; and/or
    - Consent from the individual has been granted; and/or
    - Disclosure is necessary for the investigation of suspected unlawful acts upon request of authorised agencies.
  • take all reasonable steps to protect the personal information it holds from misuse and loss.
  • take reasonable precautions to protect such information from any unauthorised access, modification, or disclosure.

Complaints and Further Information


  • If a person believes that the Association has breached their privacy that person should make a complaint, in writing, to the Association Secretary by post.
  • The person should notify the Association of any suspected breach within three (3) months of him/her discovering that breach.
  • The Association will conduct an internal investigation on receiving a complaint and will complete the investigation within 30 days.
  • The Association will inform the individual in writing of the outcome of the investigation.

Course of action(s) that may be taken by the Association:

  • Make a formal apology to the person who made the complaint;
  • Take action in practices and/or policies to ensure that this type of breach will not occur again;
  • Take no further action if the Association were not found guilty; and
  • Take any remedial action that is necessary or appropriate.

For further information regarding Privacy contact he Federal Privacy Commissioner:


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