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Welcome to MHAA Presidents Message Board.

Hi Everyone,
As another term ends & a new one begins I would like to thank all the Members who have supported the National Committee Members & myself over the past year & contributed to the ongoing success of our Association. Your contributions are vital to assist us to continue to move forward & make the Miniature Horse Association of Australia one we can be justifiably proud of. We look forward to your continual support & encouragement in the future.
We are constantly attempting to bring in new,innovative ideas & to continally inprove where possible to make things better & easier for our members. Please let us have your constructive feedback on anything you feel you would like to communicate to the Committee.,its your Association & we always strive to ensure that your wishes are our primary consideration in all things concerning the Association.
I do hope all members are enjoying a successful breeding & showing season. I think our breed has progressed so very much,especially in the last five years or so,I have seen some truly beautiful examples of horses in miniature in all states of Australia.
The last year has been one of highs & lows for your National Committee members. As you know we are all volunteers & I feel all on National Committee should be commended for their dedication & the selfless way they give of their time. Without their hard work your Association would not be able to function as it does,we all come in for our share of criticism at times,sometimes with justification,but more often not,so please remember these people do what they do for yur Association out of the kindness of their hearts & I think they deserve your thanks - something they rarely get.
I look forward to meeting as many members as I can personally & have a chat so please if you see me at a show or event come over & introduce yourself. Please do not hesitate to contact the national Committee if you have any queries,questions,ideas or something we can assist you with.
Hope to see you all soon.
Margaret Lawson



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