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When buying a Miniature Horse, please ensure that all paperwork is current, this is shown clearly on the paperwork. If you can view (because of distance), ask for copy of both sides of paperwork.  If you buy a mare in foal please ENSURE you obtain a service certificate from the vendor/seller and where possible sight the receipt from MHAA Inc office showing the mare has been recorded on a stallion return.

On our forms page are all the relevant forms need for joining, renewals, registration, upgrading and transferring.  Please take careful note of the checklist, there is a $11.00 handling fee on incorrectly submitted paperwork.

(Can be downloaded from the website)
This form is required to be filled out to register / upgrade/ lease any horse with this association and needs to be fully filled out.

When you submit paperwork for registering or upgrading (e.g. from a foal to an temporary adult) you need to include photos one of each side. The photo should be at least 80% of the horse and of normal photo size. The photos should show clearly all the markings on body and head.

If the horse is due for upgrade within 30 days of the purchase and transfer then that   upgrade MUST also be done at the time of the transfer

Below is an example of how the horse should be photographed:

Ensure the Original registration papers are submitted with the upgrade or transfer application

Height Certificate - Your horse needs to be measured by another current member or vet other than the breeder, yourself (owner) or a family member.

• A copy of of both sides of any registration papers from any previous association to which the horse was/is registered as some of these are recognized and those pedigrees will/can be included on your MHAA registration papers ie: AMHA (USA), AMHR (USA), AMPS and APSB.

• A Service Certificate if you did not own the sire at time of foaling.

• Ensure you have included the correct fees (money order, cheques or credit card details and signature) for the registration/transfer with the application.

• A certificate of soundness for stallions IF the stallion has turned TWO years of age

• For a lease the owner fills in the form and signs the bottom of the page.

Transfer due to Lease - Terms of leases are no longer required by the association. All members should note that although the Association records leases in its data base and recognizes them on the registration certificates the terms and conditions of the lease are a private matter between the parties involved in the lease.

When buying a MHAA registered horse, the transfer fees is the responsibility of the seller.

Our State Delegates are there to help, so visit our State page for your nearest delegate and the States Web Site.

You can find all the forms needed for membership and registering your stock online on our forms page


Contact us for more information. Also our State Delegates are there to help and guide you, see main menu for your states website or Contact us page for your State Delegate..



Stallion returns 1st Aug each year.
Membership due 31st July each year .
Mare nomination forms 31st July each year .
Membership of MHAA Inc must be cancelled in writing .
Change of address must be in writing
Requests for duplication of registration certificates must be in writing with details why it is required.
All paperwork must be returned to the MHAA office the address is on the paperwork.
All paperwork must be accompanied by a work order.
Upgrades can be sent in one month before due date.
No horse can be shown unless it is branded or microchipped . The horses’ brand must be able to be read.
MHAA Inc does not accept faxed information.


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