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The breed standard states "if there were no size reference, the Miniature Horse might give the illusion of being a full sized horse. The general impression should be one of refinement, symmetry, agility and an alert intelligence." The Miniature Horse is a truly unique and special little horse.There are two categories of Miniature Horse - Category A: Not exceeding 34" as an adult and Small Horse: Not exceeding 38" as an adult. There are also height for age requirements.

Membership in MHAA is available to all persons who subscribe to the aims and objects of the Association. Associate membership is for interested persons who do not own a registered Miniature Horse; Regular membership is open to persons who own registered horses. Only Regular members have voting rights in the Association and only Regular members are eligible to hold management positions in the Association.

The magazine "Fine Lines" is published by MHAA four times each year. This publication is an excellent source of information about the breed, the studs involved, the care and management of Miniature Horses and current events and results.

Miniature Horses are exhibited at many shows throughout Australia. The Association conducts a National High Point Competition and most states also hold an annual State High Point Competition for owners.Contact us for more information.


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